Thursday, July 20, 2006

Recipe Thursday

On our girls cottage weekend, we visited with a friend of our hosts. Her name is Jane, that's all I can tell you cause that's all I know. So outside on her patio she has a big bowl of nachos and a couple of dips for us to munch on while sipping our margaritas in the hot afternoon sun.

One of the "dips" is such a simple recipe I'm going to share it here. When you first try it you're not sure if you like it or not and then it becomes addictive and you can't stop eating it!

Nacho Chips
Plain Cream Cheese
Thai sauce

On a small serving dish or plate take a block of plain cream cheese and pour thai sauce over it (Jane used red pepper jelly but the thai sauce tastes the same and is much easier to find in the grocery store).

Serve with nacho chips, you just dip the chip in the cream cheese, make sure you get some thai sauce and voila!! the yummy addictive snack that's not quite hot and spicy and not quite sweet, but oh so good ;)


myrna_weblog said...

Oh My, this was so good I couldn't believe it!
When I did it on saturday night I used the V8 "Sweet Chili Sauce".

Stephanie said...

Sounds good-I`ll have to try that one.

Messa1981 said...

Wanna a new one!!LOL!! i am not sure if you did this dip before but its AWESOME!!! Ok so here goes.....

1st layer
sour cream

2nd layer salsa dip

3rd layer lots of cheese

broil in oven until cheese is melted and even brown if you like, its sooooo yummy. Then take your tostito's or nacho if you perfer and dip dip dip!! Its sooooooooooo good!!!LOL!!!!

Quirky Christa said...

I make that one all the time for nachos. Got it from Myrna a few years back. It's just sooo good eh?!@?! Only thing different is I don't put it in the oven.

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