Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hodge many times have I used this title?

Don't really know what to blog about going to do some hodge podge instead:

Outfit: today I'm wearing white capri pants, white tee, and a lime green tank layered in under the tee. It's my small attempt at being "in style" since the season is all about tank tops and the colour WHITE! I also transferred everything from my blue purse to my bright green purse to co-ordinate completely. All I need now are shoes in the same colour :)

Plans: tonight Kristen and I are going to the Superstore to get a few groceries for camping this weekend. And I'm really looking forward to buying some small frying pans that are on sale. I've been on an omellette kick since returning from Cuba and these are the perfect size! 3 in a pk for $6.98 can't go wrong.

Dinner: don't have to cook, as he does MANY nights since taking my new job Kristen will be cooking. The menu this evening: bbq'd chicken, with foil pack veggies (broccoli, carrot, cauliflower cooked in foil with butter and seasonings on the bbq) and potatoe (not sure which way these will be done yet...mashed, grilled, baked??)

News: Kenda will be here in 6 sleeps! I'm very excited...she's never flown, been out of Nfld, so many things. She's just like a little sis and I'm really looking forward to having her spend a couple of weeks visiting Kristen and I. The only thing we have planned for sure is going to Toronto Zoo see what else happens while she's here.

Weekend: Going camping at Earl Rowe again with Jen & Chris REALLY want Myrna & Jamie to go along too but they're really dragging their feet in making a decision. I really hope they go :)

Anyway enough babble for one day.........


myrna_weblog said...

I believe we have finally convinced Jamie to come along for saturday night...yay! And he can't back out now that he's agreed.

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