Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Seems like forever since I've done a post...

but life has been hectic. I've also been wanting to post pics and that hasn't been working so I'm just doing a post without any exciting pics...sorry :(

The evenings that Kristen and I haven't been painting (the landing is almost finished) I've been doing laundry, cleaning, running errands, etc. Since the trip is booked for Cuba I've been shopping for bikini's, going tanning, getting hair cuts and hi-lights (one of the pics I'd like to post), shopping for gifts as tips for the maid, and the list goes on. I've been really enjoying myself though, its very educational, knowing what is a nice gesture in Cuba (that might not be appreciated here), getting needles and buying supplies because the culture, lifestyle and quality of life is so different from our own. I haven't even went yet and I feel like I've learned so much. Mainly I'm going to party and have fun but I obviously want to learn while I'm there, see what life is like for Cubans and just experience a different lifestyle, even if only for a week.

Don't really know what to talk about, so I'll update you on my weekend. Saturday am went to a couple of yard sales with Myrna, Jamie & Kristen, bought 3 books for $2 Kristen got 2 true outdoor story type ones, and I got "Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl" which I'm saving for the trip to Cuba to read (just in case I want something to do while sun bathing on the beach, or the plane ride is super boring) Then Saturday evening we went to Vicky & Coreys house for a birthday party (Happy bday Corey) there were sooo many people there, and quite a few I didn't know even though they were all newfies. I took pics of that as well, they're not downloaded yet. Sunday Kristen and I went grocery shopping, went to Brampton so he could play ball hockey and I could run errands. Then off to the arena for his last game with his Sunday league to find out the game was delayed 2hrs. We went to Home Depot to kill some time (bought stain for our new muskoka chairs) got a bite to eat and back to the arena. Got home just in time to watch Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy (yes Jen has me hooked) and oh by the way I'm am just THRILLED that Chris O'Donnell is the Vet....I hope he's on the show for a while as Merediths new love interest. It was just last Wed on our way to volleyball that the girls and I were talking about how we haven't heard much from him lately and how he has a whole bunch of kids. No wonder he hasn't been working, he's too busy making babies!

Anyway enough babbling for today...I really am going to post pics soon :)


dafrhug said...

I read that book...Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl...it was pretty good. It was pretty cool to ready what they go through and what type of life they lead. Very educational. lol

Stephanie said...

I remember feeling that way about the Dominican as well. I read all about it before we went down there. I don`t know if you guys are planning on doing any excursions off the resort but we did that and it was very interesting. (We went to sugar cane fields and into the rainforest)

I`ve been following Grey`s Anatomy too and Chris O`Donnell is a hottie.