Monday, March 27, 2006

It's Spring, It's Spring

It was so warm here today +11 not trying to get too excited about it because we'll probably have snow again in a couple of days but did enjoy what I could of it.

Another hectic week has passed a new one just begun, so far so good. Friday night was Kristen's last hockey game for that league for the season. Saturday the boys went go karting cause Jen's friend Angie and her husband were visiting from Iqaluit, Nunavut. I tried to post pics but it's not working again tonight so I'll try later this week. Besides I'm also waiting for an email from Myrna of the pics she took cause they came out better than my own :(

Yesterday I went shopping for bathing suits out of my birthday money. Got a couple from Garage Clothing which I love and got for a fairly decent price. Last night I watched Desperate Housewives (love that show) and headed to bed.

So the trip to Cuba is officially booked, I'm very excited and really looking forward to travelling, experiencing a new culture and just some good ol R&R....adjusting to a new job is very overwhelming and I'm really looking forward to the break since I don't really know when I'll get another week off (the week I'm taking in April is a leave of absence which was discussed with my supervisor before I even took the new job)

Anyway I'm really tired and I want to go read my book before I hit the sack. Keep posting comments and sending emails, love hearing from everyone since I kind of feel shut off from the real world right now....hopefully I'll keep adjusting to the new job and getting back in contact with most of you on a regular basis :)


myrna_weblog said...

I'm really excited about Spring too...and what better way to celebrate than our trip down south!

Stephanie said...

Spring really does boost the spirits. It`s nice here today as well but I know it won`t last. We`ll probably have snow in June!

dafrhug said...

Spring is my favourite season of the year. Been warm here now for about two weeks. I love it.