Wednesday, March 1, 2006


Growing up in a Christian home I fully aware of when Jesus fasted for 40 days however being Pentecostal we didn't really practice the tradition of giving something up for lent in honour of His fasting. One site that I looked up explained it like this; "Lent is a season of sorrowful reflection that is punctuated by breaks in the fast on Sundays(the day of the resurrection). Sundays are not counted in the forty days of Lent" This year I've been completely intrigued by then the decision has to be made, what do I give up for lent?

I quickly thought okay I want to give up something fairly easy since it is for 40 days and I really don't want to fail. So I thought of Pop...when I mentioned this to Kristen, he's like but Christa you don't even drink pop, to which I responded, well I do So I broaden it to include juice crystals, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cappacinos (basically anything that I would add sugar or would have sugar added). I am only permitted to drink; milk, water and real juice like orange or cranberry juice. Well did I not only get up this morning and go to Tim's for a cappacino....I totally forgot about today being Ash Wednesday and the first day of Lent. So once this coffee is gone, that's it....I'm going to try my first Lent of sacrificing...I know it doesn't seem like much but baby steps are often better than no steps at all.

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myrna_weblog said...

Well I also considered this "giving up something" for Lent. But the only thing I could think of to give up is chocolate and I just don't think I can make that kind of sacrifice. And then I justified my decision of NOT giving up anything with the fact that I'm not Catholic and my Catholic husband is not practicing. Yes, let's blame the no giving up chocolate on Jamie's lack of following his :)