Friday, June 3, 2005

Another Car Accident

Well...its just our luck! January 2003 I had an accident in the our car, not my fault but insurance still put up our rates to an EXTREME amount. So the last few months things have just been starting to go back down to more reasonable rates and then Kristen gets hit today by a guy running a red light.

He wasn't even supposed to be there, normally at 2pm on a Friday afternoon he would be at work. However.....we had a power outage at about 11:45am today it was at a major intersection just down from Kristens work, so they sent everyone home. He came by my work and waited for me to take my lunchbreak (as soon as he got here the lights came back on). Ironic thing in all this the reason of the accident was the result of a Butcher Engineering truck driver (whom I'm employed by) He brought me back to work approx 1:55pm and called about 10min later to tell me that he was exchanging insurance info with another guy.

The only plus side of this, he wasn't at fault and the guy offered to pay for all the damages. So he's been spending the afternoon driving around for quotes with the other guy. They're telling him we'll be without a car for 3 days at least and the culprit offered to pay for a rental as well. He explained to Kristen that he "just wasn't paying attention" and he "has a good insurance rate and doesn't want to call it in"

The air bags didn't go off (another good thing) and Kristen is fine, just frustrated. We've been doomed with accidents with this car. We've only been lucky not to get hurt. Thing is we're not in a situation right now to get a new one since we just bought a house. Guess we'll just run this one right into the ground as the saying goes and make the best of a not so best situation.


dafrhug said...

Did you ever hear of burning sage to rid an area of bad spirits? Maybe you should burn some in your car. (You know, to get rid of the bad spirits that cause accidents). lol

myrna_weblog said...

Personally, I really like Daphne's suggestion. Worth a try since you're so :)