Monday, June 6, 2005

Weddings & Babies

On Sat (June 4th) we had Myrna's Bridal shower. I've been dying to write about it for so long but couldn't cause I didn't want to ruin the surprise. We knew she knew we were having one but she didn't know when or where until she started narrowing down a few things the last week or two. Otherwise, when she showed up on Sat she didn't really know what details we had planned. It was so much fun. I really feel it went over well and everyone had a good time. Or I hope

We started off by playing games (which Jen and I organized) the first being How Well do you know Myrna? The table that had the most right won orange flip flops, so cute. Then the 2nd game was to melt an ice cube with a ring in the middle without using your hands. HILARIOUS! Rosa Matias from work totally took the cake, she put it in her mouth right away and almost broke a tooth. Her table won though, she got the ring on Myrna's finger in no time. Their table won bamboo mats for the beach. The 3rd and final game was a musical chairs type game except you had to pass a package around between your legs, when the music stopped whoever had it had to sit down. Last one standing one a the pkg, which was funky summer stir sticks. The door prize was a baking stone which Bobbi-Lynn won.

We then ate a great variety of food that Tracey (Myrna's sister and maid of honour) prepared, on to the gift opening for LOTS of gifts. Myrna did quite well and got lots of stuff for her new house. Then we clued up and everyone went home. It was a fun and non-formal atmosphere where everyone felt free to socialize and get up and move about. The only downfall was the HEAT! It was soooo hot in the party room, no air conditioning, the heaters left on, and no air circulating through the windows at all cause it was such a humid and sticky day outside. Luckily we had asked everyone to dress "summery" in shorts and skirts. Can't imagine if we hadn't!

I took tonnes of pics which I will post once I upload them from my camera which will happen whenever our computer at home gets fixed. Then yesterday I found out that my cousin is pregnant and due in Nov with her 2nd child and today that my friend Jody is expecting her 2nd child. She's unsure of her due date but going to the Dr on Thur for more answers. Just want to say good luck to Myrna for her future ahead with Jamie and congrats to Lori and Jody with the new babies on the way :)


myrna_weblog said...

Thanks so much for the was awesome! I had a lot of fun!

Congrats to Jody and Lori!

dafrhug said...

It is so awesome that you guys did that for Myrna, sounds like she had lots of fun. I wish I could have been there to enjoy it with you guys.

Congratulations to Jody and Lori from me as well.