Thursday, June 2, 2005

Mom To Be...

Mom To Be... Posted by Hello

This is Jillienne or Jill as most of us call her. These are pics she had taken to show off her 9 month belly. Today when I was chatting to her, her sign in name was "8 Days to go" Its so exciting and unbelieveable at the same time. Exciting that she's bringing a new life into the world and going to be a MOM!! I know when the day arrives for me I will be just as excited but definitely anxious and scared. All the new responsibilities and change in lifestyle. Unbelieveable because I'm denial sometimes that my friends and myself are all at that "age" now to be getting married, having babies, buying houses....and Jill is one of them. I think realizing she's going to be a mom makes me realize the time is not so far away for myself (don't worry I'm not I just think about how our lives are changing and how we're maturing. Even scarier is we will be forever changing but need to be committed to staying connected to each other and sensitive to the new demands to maintain a friendship. I guess the same is true for all relationships. I want to wish Jill all the best on her new adventure and nothing but good luck and happiness.

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dafrhug said...

I wish Jillienne all the best as well. Becoming a mom is a scary adventure but totally worth every minute. Believe me, it all goes by way too quick. I believe that there is a GREAT mom in all of us, all you have to do is try.