Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Failed Blog Comment

As I was checking email this morning I had one from my dearest friend Amanda with this subject: Failed Blog Comment. To my horror, I discovered that my settings didn't allow comments if you aren't a fellow blogger...eek! But also, serves you right Amanda Park, you better get one soon! So I adjusted my settings and anybody in the world can now comment on them....another eek! lol. She was commenting on my superstitions and had some GREAT new ones to share from her experiences when she was out to sea off Alaska. Here's her email below:

"Hey Christa, Intersting Blog. Got me thinking about some superstitions that I know, I came to realize that some of the boats I was on were very are some that are still followed today on the high seas. 1. It is unlucky to start cruise on Friday, the day Christ was crucifed. (in the 19th century the keel of a new ship was laid on Friday, she was named HMS Friday, launched on Friday and finally sent to sea on a Friday. Neither the ship nor crew was ever heard of again!) 2. Black seabags are bad luck. 3. Never should dirt or flowers be on board, because dirt belongs at the bottom of the sea and flowers are used to make a wreath after the ship has sunk. 4. Count your fish during the day, and you will catch no more 5. and finally Gulls are belived to carry the souls of lost sailors, therefor it is unlucky to kill a gull...on the other hand apparently if you get pooped on by one that will bring you lots of luck! I am just going to say I should be one lucky girl!! These are some of the interesting ones that I heard, there are a tonne listed in a fantastic book called The Ocean Almanac. Keep on Bloggin! Cheers Amanda"

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myrna_weblog said...

Very the one about the seagulls :)