Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yes Tara, to answer your question. I did get a new lens for Christmas. The 50mm fixed 1.8 to be exact.
And to answer your question Myrna yes, the shots of us out to dinner and Kristen with his turkey were all taken on the new lens.
Now if you're not a photographer on an SLR camera then the above statement means absolutely nothing to you. But if you do photograph with an SLR then you already know a 50mm lens is a MUST HAVE and honestly I've been dumb to not have owned it sooner. It is honestly the permanent lens on my camera 'since' Christmas.
The reason I went so long without it is because I was holding out to buy the 1.4 which is considerably more expensive....however when Kristen & I did some research before Christmas we found out that unless you're photographing EXTREME low light conditions which I rarely do then you are not getting the value for your money.
Next thing I knew...Kristen had one under the Christmas tree for me. I love my hubby :)

For you point & shoot photographers, lets see if I can actually "show" you the difference

On the left is Uncle Blaine, his background is actually farther away than the background on the right with Papa.
Yet with the 50mm lens you get a greater depth of field (blurrier backgrounds) which is exactly what you want.
You don't want people focusing on my Ikea lamp behind Papa but on his smile while holding baby Jesse.
Yet with Uncle Blaine the photo is just as sweet yet you're sizing up my Christmas village on the top of my cupboards as well :)
Get it!?!
I'm so excited about the weddings this summer...can you just imagine how awesome the close up's of my brides are going to be? Yeah....I know!!!
Speaking of close's a couple Kristen & I took of Jesse & Boone the last couple of days.
If you look closely this photo isn't blurry as Kristen suggested it was....I used a single focal point.
That's another lesson for another day, but in short, his left eye, to the right of the photo is actually where my focus was, thus leaving his right eye looking somewhat blurred.

He LOVES his elephant (Kristen took this shot....told you he's a better photographer than me)

And here's Boone :) as handsome as ever

Oh getting back to my "normal" blogging was also a resolution for am I doing so far?


couz,,again said...'re doin awesome on the blogging, and the Photography although, yeh, I had NOOOO idea about the lens! Keep up the wonderful work!

Tara said...

PS....I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the last photo of Jesse with one eye in focus....absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

PPS....did you get my last comment about the 50mm lens???

Angie said...

Girl!! When I told you I got the 50 mm for Christmas why didnt you tell me you got it too!!! FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! Its amazing isnt it!!!! So glad you got it!! YAH!!