Monday, November 30, 2009


Kristen & I still try to watch movies on Sunday nights as were our tradition before little Jesse came into the picture.

Last night we watched the Disney animated movie "Up" and I absolutely LOVED it!

I love animated films and lately they've been okay but not great. This one I thoroughly enjoyed. I think because the soft side of me just LOVED the storyline. I would honestly say this movie could be more for adults than children.

Older children would definitely appreciate the story more so than toddlers I would think...but who am I to say for sure?!?!

Things are going well with Jesse, he's still on a rough routine which I'm liking since I like to be so organized all the time and Jesse not being on a schedule is quite an adjustment for me.
He's growing like crazy, had his first needles last week which went good.
And only a few more weeks and its Christmas!
I haven't had time to get any decorations out yet but hoping to start doing a little bit here and there this week to have everything completed by this weekend.
I've also been pumping since nursing only has really made me feel confined to home at times. And now with being the owner of a breast pump I'm actually going to attempt going to Kristen's Christmas party this Friday night for a few hours.
My Aunt is going to babysit Jesse, and I'm already nervous. I'm sure everything will be fine but it's nerve wracking for sure.
Well that's it for now....oh and to finish up a picture of our little man :)

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Myrna Hynes said...

"Up" got really good reviews, it looks super funny!
Love the picture of Jesse laughing, totally cracks me up!