Monday, November 23, 2009

Jesse's First Leaf's Game

Saturday night we attempted bringing Jesse to his first Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game.
He did awesome!
We missed the first period due to NO parking....ugh!
But he made it through the 2nd period and by the 3rd period he was asleep and we decided to take our time and start to head out to beat the traffic, etc.

Here's a few photos....ugh what's with bloggers new way of uploading these dang photos...grrrr
Here's Jesse at the game...yes we were WAAAYYY up in the stands

Mommy & Jesse

Go Leafs Go!!

After the game we tried to take a group photo. A nice couple with a 6 month old noticed us and offered to take the photo.
Sorry its blurred but at least we have one :) That red streak going up into the air behind us is the CN tower....I know you can't see it. But it's there!

And I would just like to say I REALLY miss blogging. But Jesse is doing better and starting to get on a "rough" schedule so hopefully I can start writing more.
I miss all of you :(


Myrna Hynes said...

So happy you were able to get out on a "date"...and you look AWESOME girl!

Heather said...

lol---something funny just crossed my mind as I looked at the pics--couldn't you just hear Nan Ball saying, "You should have somethin on that baby's hands and head.He's goin to catch the cold like that" HEHE...she still says that and my kids are 11,9 and 7, then again ,she still asks me why I'm not wearing gloves! LOL