Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Day in the Life of Boone

Now that I'm home with Boone on a daily basis, he has kindly allowed me to document him and take photos to share with you.
So sit back with your favourite dirnk, be it be tea, coffee, juice, milk, water or wine and enjoy this EXCLUSIVE glimpse into the life of Boone!
Take a big poop and then get the "zoomies" and go crazy in the backyard with this big board that really is too big to be a stick to "go fetch"

Then go missing and be caught in the porch licking Kristen's hunting clothes cause it still smells/tastes like the Big Buck he got the other day.

Just "act cool" when Miss Queen B Maggie the Cat comes strolling by and tries to intimdate me
Think she bought it?

Take a nap

Then Dad came home and gave me a NEW SHEEP!

But here's why...check out this before and after shot

Yeah it was that bad...that's after many many washes and sewing jobs to try and "fix it"
And then to finish the day I take a moment to just look pretty and say "cheese"

Today's Quote
"A dog is the only thing on this earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
~Josh Billings (Henry Wheeler Shaw)


*kayla said...

I really like the one of him and maggie!

Tara said...

I bet Boone SURE loves having you home, huh!!! Mimi goes stir crazy for my lap (or lap time) when I've been away from home for more than a few hours now.... YUP, we all spoil our doggies...and that's okay!