Thursday, October 22, 2009

Buck Down....

Every year Kristen is like a kid at Christmas when its the night before opening day.
Normally he doesn't care to shoot a deer the first day since he loves the outdoors so much that it's not a big deal. He'd rather enjoy the experience, be outside and just take the day as it unfolds.
However, this year his goal was to get a deer as quickly as possible so he could have more time home with baby Jesse.
And up until Tuesday evening he just wasn't having any luck. It seemed all the odds were stacked against him.
On Tuesday he headed back out immediately after work, I said you better get one tonight. He's like I will, I have a good feeling.
And he wasn't's this years Buck. Quite big for a deer eh?

I'm so proud of him. Not only did he get his deer "early" season but it's a trophy buck that he'll be having the head/antlers mounted. Not really my thing....and we'll probably have quite the heated debate as to where in our house it will be displayed...but that's no time soon so we'll leave that discussion for another day...LOL :)

Congrats realize this means you have to cook me a good meal from this now.

Today's Quote
"There is a passion for hunting something deeply implanted in the human breast"
~Charles Dickens


Anonymous said...

Just for the record, Buck like this HAS to go in the living room...

Krist..., I mean,
Signed Anonymous..

vicki said...

Thats soo funny. Steve and I was at a store on the weekend and saw a moosehead and he commended on how he wanted one. He wanted me to call Dad to see if he could get one for him. We also have a nice conversation of where he would hang it.

vicki said...

Sorry, forget to say congrats Kristen!!

Myrna Hynes said...

Living room???....oh my
Congrats, guess I'll be eating some venison when I come to visit, eh?

*kayla said...

haha this post made me chuckle!
Congrats Kristen