Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Really!?!?

I can't believe September is here. There's definitely a "Fall" feel to the air already. 
I'm loving the cooler nights since it makes for comfortable sleeping weather (for the most part)
The summer has flown by....it was a busy one but I loved every minute of it. 
Now I'm just preparing those last few things before the arrival of our little one.
The nursery is painted and I'm slowly getting clothes washed, organized, and getting furniture put together (that part is Kristen) and decorating soon to be started. 
I'll have photos as soon as the nursery is presentable....its not quite there yet :)

Today I'm 36 weeks! And this past Sunday I was officially 1 month til my due date.
I keep getting a few remarks that I'm going to go early but I really don't think I will. 
IF I do it'll still be within a week of my due date, I'm convinced of that. Mind you I could be wrong but I just don't "feel" that way. Not yet anyways :)
I find it truly fascinating how aggressively opinionated "some" people can be towards pregnant women. For the most part people have been supportive, encouraging and understanding. But some have been down right rude, aggressive and if anything very discouraging about the whole deal. I've just taken it all with a grain of salt and so far haven't ended up in tears over it. 
On another note....I sent out my first Cyball Photography Newsletter this morning. 
Very exciting :)
I'm sure there's room for improvement but I am happy with how it looks for the "first" issue and all.
Thank you all for your support, you guys are the best friends, family, blog readers a gal could ever have!
Today's Quote.
 "I believe that every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear"
 ~ Oprah

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