Monday, August 31, 2009

House 9 Hockey Foundation

Saturday evening we attented the 2nd annual "House 9 Hockey Foundation" Charity hockey game. 
Hosted by Aaron Downey
A few of the NHL players showing up for the game
The one in the grey shorts is this guy, Kyle Quincey
And his friend whom I cannot remember his name for the life of me....
Plays with the Philidelphia Flyers & had a tonne of penality minutes.
This is Aaron Downey just before the game.
He came out to chat with a few friends
Thanking the crowd for their generosity.
100% of proceeds all went to charity

Then it was game time, this is Mark Bell to the right of Aaron Downey
It was a nice evening and even greater to support a good cause. 
It was so neat seeing these guys play hockey, they just seemed so smooth and suave on the ice. Even if it was just for fun.
But I guess that's what happens when they're "in their element" considering it's what they do for a living.
Today's Quote
“Money has no power on its own.
You alone are the power source.”
Suze Orman

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Anonymous said...

Daniel Carcillo was his buddy in the Hummer with the Arizona plates... led the reg. season in PIM last year...