Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baby Shower #3

Is it possible to have too many baby showers!?!?! 
I'm so overwhelmed by everyone's generosity....and my co-workers were no different.
Yesterday they threw a potluck lunch (just my department) and then later in the afternoon everyone who contributed to the gifts joined us in the lunchroom for cake. 
I just can't say enough thank you's
I honestly feel like we don't deserve it, but I keep telling myself, it's not for me, it's for the baby.
It's how I cope....LOL.
Here's a couple of photos
This cake was a gift from a friend/co-worker in my department. 
Her friend made the cake, who's super talented.
In case you can't read the wording it says "Hello Mummy, Bye Bye Tummy" can say that again!!!! :)
Mmm...all the awesome food at the potluck
The cake for everyone who contributed later in the afternoon
That's my friend Stephy who organized everything.....yeah she helped Vicki with the other shower too.
She's such a good friend who has went above & beyond. And as of today is gone on a much needed vacation.....ENJOY!
It reads "Happy Diaper Days - Christa & Kristen"
And the only reason I'm showing this photo was because I was so startled at how huge I do look from side on.....LOL
Again thanks to everyone....we're truly grateful!
Today's Quote
"Ah, life is a gate, a way, a path to Paradise anyway, why not live for fun and joy.....why not go to your desire and laugh"
~ Jack Kerouac

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Stephanie said...

What a great cake. I think you`re having a girl-don`t know why just a feeling