Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend in Review

Another great was hot and humid but no complaints from me since it appears summer has finally arrived. I will admit Sunday I was pretty uncomfortable, but I'm just happy it was sunny and hot :)
Friday night Kristen, Boone & I headed out to Scottsdale Farm with Holly of Hark Photography to do our maternity/family photos
Here's Holly very hard at work taking some solo shots of myself
I seriously LOVE sunset light and was so happy we could schedule our session for this time of day
Boone waiting in the car for his turn in the family photos
Thank you Holly sooooo much. I can't wait to see the results!!!
Then Saturday it was time to go to my cousin's pool party. No I didn't go swimming, even though the weather was HOT and perfect for it. I did enjoy the company however, LOTS of people....old friends, new friends. Had such a great time :)
The boys cooling down with a drink
And this one of Boone...he's only wet from being sprayed with a hose not from being the pool.
Here he was sitting pretty in hopes that I would give him my bottle of water to play with
He eventually was too cute to ignore...I finished up and let him have it.
What can I say who can resist those looks?!?!! :)
Today's Quote
"Winter is the season in which people try to keep the house as warm as it was in the summer, when they complained about the heat”


Myrna Hynes said...

Love your dress. You look gorgeous! Can't wait to see your maternity photos!

*kayla said...

is that your belly I see peeking out on the pic of Boone? haha too cute.

Quirky Christa said...

Yes that IS my belly....I didn't even notice it in the picture until after I had posted it on here. embarrassing.