Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mat Photos for Nursery

The problem with liking so many photos from our maternity shoot is deciding WHICH photos to put up in the nursery.
Even though I have a couple of favourites in colour. I'm leaning towards the sepia toned photos since the nursery is going to be pale yellow walls, with white furniture and a few brown accents (such as the wicker laundry basket, etc)
Here are the 3 I'm "thinking" about going with.....
My thought process is:  One of Mommy alone
A belly shot
And then one of course of Mommy & Daddy together
What do you think?
Obviously I need to touch up my editing to make sure the sepia tone matches on all 3 photos.
But I think these might make a nice little gallery on the wall above the change table :)
Picture an 8x10 in the middle and 5x7's on either side maybe?!?!
Today's Quote
"I'm in awe every time: By planting so little, you can reap so much"


Holly said...

Sounds wonderful Christa! Love your choices :)

Melinda said...

Beautiful pictures! I just found your blog via Bianca's. My family and I are originally from Miami, FL, but my mom has remarried and moved to Thunder Bay. Great pictures! Praying for a safe and *easier* delivery ;o)

Myrna Hynes said...

Great choices, I love those! The one of you and Kristen is one of my favs from the shoot. In terms of arrangement on the wall, I would lean towards having them all the same size, 5 x 7 matted, in 8 x 10 frames, going up and down on a wall instead of side by side...but that depends on your wall space options too.

*kayla said...

I like your choices!