Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I won! I won!

Yeah baby!!! I actually won a contest. 
I'm always entering contests that are on my favourite blogs and I finally won!
I follow a blog called Dingbat Press
It's basically custom designed stationary, invitations, recipe cards, you name it, if it can be printed on paper then Adrienne at Dingbat Press can probably design it for you. Yeah she's good.
I've been following her work cause I'm considering using her for some stationary supplies when it's time to officially launch my photography biz.
So where do I begin....I know first I'll begin with the PRIZE!!!
Here's the BLOG POST of the contest
And here's what I won.....gift tags/enclosure in 3 yes I said 3 different patterns/designs
Aspen trees with yellow envelopes
Then these lovely red enclosures....the red/grey combo may have inspired me to do something with a red & grey theme. How classy is that?
 And my absolute favourite of the 3
The lace pattern with brown envelopes
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these....if it wasn't for everyone doing the blue & brown theme these days I would be all over this for so many different things.

Now I'll be not so patiently watching my mailbox!
Please please please....check out the Dingbat Press website by clicking HERE
To check the Etsy site to buy already made items click HERE 
And for the blog, click HERE
Hint....there's another give away going on RIGHT now!
Today's Quote

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking  rules, making mistakes, and having fun.
~Mary Lou Cook

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Holly said...

That is awesome! I love pretty paper products too. I'll be looking to print business cards this week, have to find a good "supplier" :)

Enjoy your prize!!