Monday, July 27, 2009

Boone's First Retriever Meet

I am seems since I arrived home VERY late Friday night, technically Saturday morning my body has finally told me to slow down and get some rest.
Saturday I spent the day getting groceries, tidying the house a bit, and resting! Which meant not doing much like reading or starting to organize over 3000 photos that I took in Nfld. Just under 2000 of them being the wedding. It might even be closer to 4000 photos, I'll try to get final numbers once I really dig into editing, processing, etc all the shoots.
I was supposed to have another shoot on Sunday morning but that was post-poned due to the thunder showers. However, that didn't stop Kristen, Boone and I from heading out to a golden retriever meet.
It's the first time we've been to anything like this and it was a great experience. Despite the rain and lots of MUD!
Here's a few photos
This is when we first arrived......
Then they gave us a bandana to wear around Boones neck with his name...he's the one on the far left with a red bandana
Meeting another golden...after this photo they proceeded to sniff each others butts :)
Taking a VERY brief moment to pose for us
More running & frolicking
I think this is his half brother.
Same father from the same breeder....pretty neat huh?
Then it was time to go home.....very muddy, wet and tired.
But a great day by all, if I do say so :)
Today's Quote
Dogs are miracles with paws
~ Unknown

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Myrna Hynes said...

I didn't know that there were such things are "meets" for are some very muddy puppies, lots of prep for your little one playing in the mud too!