Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby Update: Newfoundland Baby Shower

Today I'm officially 31 weeks pregnant, can't believe I only have approx 9 weeks to go.
So figured today's post would be appropriate to share some photos from the baby shower that my Mom and friend Myrna planned for me while we were in Newfoundland.
It was amazing. I was so overwhelmed when over 40 women showed up. All with gifts for Baby Hann to be.
I cannot express in words how truly grateful and appreciative Kristen & I are to the people of Bonne Bay who gave so graciously.
Here's all the gifts when they were put at my feet to open, see me just taking it all in. Told you I was overwhelmed.
There's a little story that goes along with this Tigger....
My 9 year cousin Sabrina wanted to give a gift just to the baby just from her. She included a card with a message along the lines of .....
"Tigger was my favourite toy when I was a baby so here's one for your baby"
I'm the worst and remembering exact wording but you get the idea.
It was sooooo sweet of her :)
My mom made this quilt. It has sheep on it. When she said she was going to make a quilt for the baby I requested she make THE quilt for the crib. So in lieu of buying a comforter set, this is the quilt that will be used instead.
I love it....love even more that it's from my Mom and made with tender loving care.
And Nanna is proud as a peacock that she can brag that she made the baby's crib quilt.
The baby shower was held at the Chocolate Moose Bakery & Cafe
Cake made by Myrna who not only is a dear friend but also runs the place :)
This cake was sooooo good...layers of vanilla, chocolate & marble. It read Pink or Blue we Welcome You 
Can't go wrong with that.
Again thanks to everyone.
But especially Myrna & my Mom. You did such a great job with the shower, the food, the games, even the "oh so many" people on the guest list......lol. I know I give you guys a hard time about making a fuss over little 'ol me but I do appreciate it. Even if you sit me in the front of a room so everyone can stare up my dress :)
I love you both!
Today's Quote
A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on.
~Carl Sandburg


Bounty said...

What a nice babyshower! I've really enjoyed reading your blog. Congratulations on the baby btw! Hang on in there :-) Have you picked a name for baby yet? (http://www.bounty.com/babynames/ is great to search for names!) My partner and I really struggled to find names we both agreed on! It can be really tough. We agreed on Marlow in the end for our little boy. Fingers and toes crossed for you - hope you are doing well x

Stephanie said...

So glad you had a wonderful baby shower. You have very talented family and friends and I bet they are getting super excited for the baby.