Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Update: 25 weeks & fellow pregnant friends

Today I am officially 25 weeks pregnant. 
Since Thursday it feels like the baby is moving MUCH more and I'm feeling the kicking & movement much stronger than I had up to this point.
Sometimes I'm almost startled since it's something that I'm not used to feeling or have never experienced before. I'm thoroughly enjoying it though. 
I enjoy it even more when Kristen is able to rest his hand on my belly and feel the baby too. Don't want him feeling left out or anything.
Last Friday night I went out to Starbucks with my college roommate Angie. She's due 6 days before me. 
I had soooooo much fun with her. Catching up on the past 8 years, having all the baby talk we could handle and not feeling guilty about boring my non-pregnant friends to death. I know they're supportive but I really don't want to be inconsiderate and bombard them with baby talk. 
I just loved being able to share our experiences thus far and we've made plans to see each other again soon and even spend time together while on maternity leave. We will be off work the same time after all.
Here's a few photos of us that we took outside the Starbucks after we were kicked out since they were closing for the night. 
Angie took all of the following photos. Her's came out MUCH better considering she had a remote and I was setting a timer and running into most of our photos :)
Then we found a better location and yes I do look a bit bigger than Angie but she's a petite girl so I'm bound to be bigger than her. Don't start thinking all kinds of crazy and convincing me I'm having a HUGE child.....lol.
The solo shots....
Seriously she gorgeous!!
And me.....yes yes...still growing :)
Today's Quote

"Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you."
Ella Wheeler Wilcox


Myrna Hynes said...

I don't feel bombarded by your baby talk...talk away please!
So happy you got to spend time with Angie - it'll be wonderful if you can connect with her on mat leave. You both look great!

Bianca said...

Yay! Pictures :) I finally get to see the baby bump :)

Stephanie said...

You guys look awesome