Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baby Update: 24 weeks

Another mid-wives appointment down. I'll have another in 4 weeks then after that my check up's will be every 2 weeks. I can't believe the time is going by so quickly.
Today's check up went well. We went over the results of my ultrasound. Everything is fine however they want to do some follow up in a few areas at approx 30 weeks. Don't worry, Nothing is wrong! If anything my bladder was too full to see some things and then the baby facing my back made it harder to see certain areas on the baby. It's all good.
To date I've gained 18.5 lbs, the midwife took all my measurements, blood pressure, heart rate and so on. Right now I'm EXACTLY where I should be. For example when she took my measurements it was at 24cm I think she said and I'm 24 weeks so she said that's perfect. Leave it to me to be perfectly average...LOL. One of the times I'm MORE than grateful to be average :)
When she placed the doppler on my belly to check the heartbeat the baby kicked her. Well it looked like he or she kicked her. Enough that it moved and we both laughed. Again confirming the little one is moving a LOT. My midwife said at this point they're pretty much doing sommersaults all the time. Even though I still think they're head up and the feet are in my lower abdomen region.
Oh she also showed me how to feel for certain parts of the baby and how to distinguish what certain parts might be (she said still hard to tell between the head and bum at this point) but it was so fascinating all the same.
Oh on another note....I'm having weird dreams. I always have weird dreams but since becoming pregnant I find that they're heightened. The other night I dreamed Boone was eaten by a shark (I won't even get into the details on that), I was so upset in my dream that I actually woke up crying. Yeah I know...going a bit crazy don't you think?
OH....and Happy big 3-0 to Jen....I'm sorry I just told your age...but it's okay you look younger than that so you're all good. Enjoy your day! Sorry I don't have a better picture....but just look at that happy family :)
Today's Quote
What a language it is, the laughter of women.
~Lisel Mueller

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