Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend in Review

It was a nice weekend, a mix of warm weather with spring rain. And then on to today which is VERY cold, well feels very cold because of the warmer type weather we've been having.
Friday night Kristen & I went to visit some friends.
Saturday I went to the MAC sale (more on that tomorrow)
Saturday evening I somewhat participated in Earth hour. Kristen & I turned off all the lights but kept only the tv on. We were watching the hockey game. By the time the hour was up I had fallen asleep, hey 9:30 is getting to be a regular bedtime for me.
Sunday had a yummy breakfast, went to Kristen's hockey game (last one of the season) and then went to a few stores that have their garden centres open so Kristen and I could price out and figure what things we want to do with our backyard this year.
Right now we're going to get a new patio set, add some benches to our deck (Kristen will build these) and raise our vegetable garden. Photos will come as we actually start doing these things.
Not to mention a few house projects that we're going to complete this spring/summer as well. 
I honestly think I've already started "nesting"
There are some items that I've put off that I now have in my head they MUST be done before the baby arrives. I'll try to keep updates as that progress happens too.
And then Sunday evening was movie night.
We watched.....
I'm still undecided about this movie. I liked it.......however knowing certain things (from friends not from reading the books personally) might have ruined it for me. I kept expecting things but I guess it's from later novels. And then in some ways I kept feeling like it was "lacking something" but maybe that's because I knew stuff....who knows.
Overall I enjoyed the movie but I might actually have to read the books. I just don't have time right now with all my projects and other books that I'm reading.
We also watch the new Bond movie: Quantum of Solace
Yes it's a typical bond movie but I still enjoyed the action packed sequences. And now I want to go to Italy even more...just looks so beautiful in the move.
And that's my weekend in review for Monday, March 30th :)
Today's Quote
"You have to see every potential roadblock as an opportunity and a benefit"
~Suze Orman


Myrna Hynes said...

Sorry if I ruined Twilight by chattering about the book so much...I just loved them and thought the movie didn't do it justice. Still not bad tho', right?

Holly said...

A friend at work just brought the first Twilight book in for me to read after exams - looking forward to it!