Friday, February 13, 2009

Food Friday: Valentine's Day Style

Today's post is a menu suggestion for tomorrow, Valentine's Day.

I'm a big fan of the website "Dutch Girl Cooking" she often does guests posts on Pioneer Woman's website (cooking section)
So today I'm going to suggest a menu based on her recipes

First we'll start out with a bread type appetizer:
Rosemary & Garlic Foccacia
don't make the dough yourself, buy ready made pizza dough at the grocery store.

Then for the main course:
Spare Ribs
Part I - you will do this part tonight
Part II - you will do this part tomorrow
served with
Sour Cream Gratin

It'll all be baking in the oven while you're getting showered, dressed, lighting candles, etc :) he he he.

And last but certainly not least, dessert!!
This will be your choice....I would recommend something chocolate but hey, that's just me.
Happy Valentines Day to you and your sweetheart.
Today's Quote:
"You lie upon my heart as on a nest,  Folded in peace"  ~Amy Lowell


Angie said...

When it comes to a chocolate dessert, you can't get much better (or easier) than chocolate molten lava cakes. The recipe is on the package of Baker's 70% cacao chocolate - really, really good!

Janis Nicolle said...

Yummy.. i will have to check out the recipe...