Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Weekend in Review

I had a productive weekend, ticked quite a few things off of my to-do list.
On Saturday we even included taking some time off to attend Reed's 1st Birthday party.
These photos are courtesy of my friend Marianne
Happy Birthday Reed!! You're so cute :)
Here we are later in the evening, just chillin, after most of the guests had left.
Sunday I ticked more stuff off of my to-do list, cooked dinner, and was actually able to have a bath and read my book for a bit before bedtime. I'm trying to maintain a balance between work and play :) I think I succeeded.
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Today's Quote:
"Have you still got your space? Your soul, your own and necessary place where your own voices may speak to you, you alone, where you may dream. Oh, hold onto it, don't let it go" ~Doris Lessing


Stephanie said...

He is soo cute

Myrna Hynes said...

Reed is so super adorable...I still can't believe he's a year old already!

Holly said...

Cute pictures!