Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My hair drives me crazy....seriously. I can't style hair very well so I try to maintain a simple yet somewhat stylish cut. Over the years my hair has been straight, strawberry blonde and plain.
The last couple of years and 2008 more specifically things have gone overboard. With the exception of a BAD perm in 1992 where everyone called me poodle my hair has been pretty much the same.
I always had bangs, then in my early 20's I grew them out, I've come to accept that I prefer myself with bangs.
I've always had strawberry blonde hair, in my early 20's I'm experimented with blonde hi-lights and that's it.
Then last summer when Kristen and I got married I went super blonde, not intentionally I had a bit of a blonde in a box mishap where I was as white as Gwen Stefani, true story. So we fixed what we could, then in the Fall I decided I needed to add some brown. Which gave me this....
And I loved this style when I had it. But then I decided let's go "dark" beneath the top layer since it was in style and gimme s'more bangs! Yeah! I ended up with this.....
Again, loved it at the time. Then I decided no let's go way darker and go back to my side bangs, I love my stylist by the way....and ended up with this....
I know call the above my "skunk" hair-do cause after I found it a bit "too" extreme.
Then a friend of mine recommended a stylist closer to home so I thought sure, I'll give her a try. The first week I really liked my hair, now I don't. The dye didn't take or has faded and my bangs are a mess. I won't be going back to say the least (see photo with Reed, you can see my roots!....honest you can, my bangs look two-toned....look closely). So now I'm left with going back to my regular stylist but not until the new year cause I just paid a fortune in Oct on the new girl and can't afford to go back until at least after Christmas. I've been managing in the meantime, I guess.
All of that being said, one of my favourite styles ever, was when my hair was just left it's natural colour (it might have had some blonde hi-lights but I honestly don't think very many. And I had side bangs, which as said before I really do like on myself. Here's a sample of it:
I thinking I need to go back to my strawberry blonde colour in the new year (or colour matched as best as possible and forget all this dye, hi-lights, low lights, etc. Causes too much stress :(
What do you think?
Today's Quote:
"The words from your heart mean more to people than anything you can buy" ~ Oprah


Angie said...

Advice from a former hairstylist (me) - love your stylist and tip her/him well. An excellent stylist that can give you just what you want is hard to come by. Oh, and never, ever attempt to colour your own hair - there are professionals who do this for a reason.:)

After looking at your pics though, I would definitely agree with you, your original hairstyle/colour suits you best. The others are cool and funky but that one is definitely you.

Anonymous said...

See I like the dark colors mixed with the blonde but that's just my taste. I get my hair colored 2 times a year now, the summertime its just blonde high and low lights and for the winter I do a brown underneeth and blend the top with high and low lights. I agree though that once you start dying your hair its really hard to stop. Never use box dyes, I tried that once and ended up looking like a troll doll; literally. I had to chop my hair really short because I fried it. LOL!! Anyway the morral of this post is you do have naturally beautiful hair but I also really like the dark color's on you, makes you look sophisticated.! xo Michelle

Myrna Hynes said...

I don't think you've ever had a style I didn't like. I like the original, I liked the blond hi-lites, I liked the dark underneath. But I do know what you mean about going back to the original - I was thinking the same about myself after having red added.