Wednesday, November 26, 2008


When I was in highschool I was neither popular, nor unpopular. Or I don't think so, unless I was completely oblivious and in denial (which is entirely possible) I was a teacher's pet, I got straight A's, I graduated with honours, I was Student council president for a term, I tutored other kids, I was a spokesperson for the students on some weird council that the teachers made up with the parents. I think I only ever went to one meeting.
But the fact is, I was a geek. Its only recently that I've truly realized and accepted this fact. Quite happily I might add. I was a geek, I wasn't this hip stylish teen girl (even though I wished I was). I was barely in style (I think I might still have that I was as plain jane as it got, straight hair cut, only wore a bit of make up on the weekends and most people couldn't even tell I was wearing it (now I'm addicted to the stuff). Was a bit of a tomboy when it came to sports (that might fall in the jock category more so than geek), and towards the end of my highschool years I was more of a homebody rather than going out with friends on the weekend.
Now-a-days, I get my kicks from photography, photoshop, reading, blogging & a good debate. Seriously....a good debate I'm always game for. If that doesn't make me a geek I don't know what will.
But it's okay....I'm happy with who I am. And though geek is such a stereotype and general term, I'm sure I don't fit the profile exactly...just a lot of it :)
And because of this, it's lead me to come up with some I'm going to share today. I've decided that in the new year I'm going to help my blog readers with Meal Plans. Yep I do meal plans (do you agree now that I'm a geek?) and I'm going to share it with you! So the idea is every Friday in 2009 will be Food Fridays where I'll do a basic meal plan for the following week (Mon thru Fri - weekends excluded since they're basically a free for all) with the intention of possibly having a theme in mind, for example a certain spice or vegetable. I might not always list specific recipes but just a vegetable and meat to cook and so on. I haven't thought out and tweaked all the details yet. What do you think? Will you participate and try some of the ideas?
Today's Quote:
"I am a bank geek, I just never joined the band"  ~ Jim (Jason Biggs) - American Pie 2


Holly said...

I would definitely participate in trying out some of your meal plans... great idea :)

Angie said...

A meal're just what I need!

HEATHER said...

Heh Christa--you NEVER cease to amaze me...always something new and interesting! You seem to have such a organized life and although I will try some of your recipies, maybe a year of tips on how to get(and stay) organized might be good toooo HEHE!! Anyhow--keep blogging--I LOVE IT

Stephanie said...

Great idea-I have been doing this myself since I went back to work. I`d definitely try some of your ideas.

As for high school I`ve thought about this:I was a Popular Geeky Jock for sure.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think of you as a geek Christa! Always thought u were kinda cool to hang with actually, still are. Miss you! xo Michelle