Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend in Review

It was a nice weekend, Friday night Kristen & I took Boone for a walk, making a detour to Tim Horton's along the way :0)
Saturday didn't do a whole lot, did some laundry & cleaning, picked up a few groceries, got my camera gear ready for Sunday and Kristen's brother Brian came to visit so spent the night hanging out with him.
Sunday was Reed's Christening, whom Kristen was one of the Godparents. It was a unique day for me for a couple of reasons. One being I've never been to an Anglican Baptism before, it was different to say the least. I'm not familiar with such structured church services, but it was still neat to see how different denominations practice their faith. Second it was my first Baptism that I was hired to be the photographer...I was 'super' nervous before the service started but I started to feel better as things went along. What I have processed so far I'm happy with so that's a relief. After that we all headed to Reed's parents house for lunch, which was delicious!
Head on over to my photo blog for a teaser from the day.
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Happy Monday :)

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