Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pickled Asparagus

Kristen & I discovered pickled asparagus at Costco once. Loved it! I don't really like anything pickled, and I definitely do not like aspargus but for some reason I loved this costco version of the stuff :) Then they discontinued it :(
So we decided....let's make our own.
We bought some asparagus spears (tips removed) and boiled them up. Then immediately added them to ice to stop the cooking process.
While doing that we had a small pouch of pickling spice boiling up in some water
Don't forget a clove of garlic in the mason jar....
In goes the asapargus
Then you add the brine, seal and let sit for 3 months before opening. Not sure how it tastes yet but will let you know in the fall.

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