Friday, June 13, 2008


My brother's snowmobile, photo below was from my Feb. 2nd post in 2007....was stolen!
His baby, his pride & joy, Gone!
He feels pretty bad about it (obviously) but I tried to remind him that things could be a lot worse, for example, someone could have been hurt or he could have been un-insured. Any number of 'worse' possibilities.
Just can't believe that people are so dishonest & bold, to do such a thing. My brother hasn't spoken with the police yet since the officer that filed the report is on vacation, so we'll see if there are any further details or if it'll be just another insurance claim.
On a Happier note, it's Friday! And Kristen & I are going camping. Friends of ours will be joining us tomorrow, but I'm definitely looking forward to some quiet time outside (even if it is supposed to rain) to read, enjoy nature, and Kristen's company of course :)
I'll have pics on Monday for my weekend in review post.
Hope you all have a great weekend & Happy Friday!

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