Thursday, June 12, 2008

Myrna's Visit

Myrna came for a VERY breif visit last weekend, we were able to go to the movies and stay up until 3am Saturday night/Sunday morning chatting & catching up.
Sunday before she left we decided we'd get a couple of photos. Obviously I can't take them if I'm in them so we asked Kristen.
This guy is very seldom's his picture taking process...
First here we are sitting down and getting situated, probably talking about how the flowers are blooming so nicely.

Then Myrna's explaining something....."well you see Christa...."

"Yes I see Myrna...."

Now let us think & ponder this new knowledge

Okay picture time....oh wait! Jamie get out of the background....!! Geesh! we's about time
Miss you was awesome spending even a little bit of time with you.

Our neighbour (who's also a photographer) saw the picture taking session and said, how about one of the 4 of you?

Sure, why not?
It's not all bad eh?
Today I leave you with this quote to ponder, just like Myrna & I were pondering in the above photos. is always the simple that produces the marvelous. -Amelia E. Barr

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