Friday, May 23, 2008

We're Expecting.....

yep you heard me right. We're expecting, soon we'll have a little bundle of joy joining our family.
We're getting a PUPPY!!!!
This has been something Kristen & I have literally talked about for years....but it just wasn't the right timing. Either financially, or we were living in apt building, or we were in the house but no fence in the backyard and so on.
So I was holding off telling you because we were waiting to find out if the dog was pregnant. But it ended up not being as simple as that.
Let me tell you the story.
Back in April we went to a breeder, put down our deposit on a Golden Retreiver. Mid May we sent her an email to see if the dog was pregnant cause we hadn't heard from the breeder which we thought was unusual to find out not only was the dog not pregnant, she developed a rare disease that can occur in female dogs when they go in heat, something to do with the hormones, but to find out she had to have emergency surgery to have her uterus removed before it ruptured and killed her. It was very sad for everyone. Upon this news we decided to have our deposit returned and check out a different breeder.
We went last Saturday to Arcane, another Golden Retreiver breeder. We found out this week she's indeed expecting (or we hope so) and if all continues to go well we will be the proud parents of a golden retreiver puppy by early August. We're discussing a few names, right now we've requested a female but will take whatever we can from the litter (since there's a waiting list for females)
Last Saturday before our bbq that was the appt we had to go to in Napanee, just over a 2 hour drive. Since we were babysitting Tristan we picked him up at 6am and off we went.
This is Tristan in the car on the way there. The sun was in his eyes (since it was rising) so I gave him this old pair I had. Funny thing is he didn't want to take them off. I think he actually liked them.
This shot is of Tristan & Kristen watching Boston (the dad of our litter) playing with one of the 6 month old puppies, Demmi (if I remember correctly)

And that's the BIG announcement, we're VERY excited :) Obviously will have LOTS of pics to post once we get her. Can't wait! Happy Friday & Have a great weekend.

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