Thursday, May 22, 2008

Backyard BBQ Photos

Blogger is cooperating with me today, so I can post pics of our 1st Annual Backyard BBQ
I've been asked by SO many people why we didn't go camping to your usual spot. Well let me answer you. It was for a couple of reasons....first being the usual people who go all decided they weren't going this year (various reasons, such as too cold for children, going away for the weekend, etc) secondly it's always freezing and it always rains. This year ended up being exactly the same so truthfully I'm happy we didn't go. It's so hard to enjoy camping when it's in those weather conditions. After the bbq was booked though some people who said they couldn't go camping with us then came back and asked if we were going. Well, it was too late then we already made alternative plans.
First we have Tonya (who's expecting...yay) & Amanda
Tristan...who we babysat for the day/night eating cheesies. I'm such a good babysitter, just fill 'em up on junk
Vicky putting Reed to sleep
Mia & Bobbi
Reed :)
Shannon, shy isn't she?? She's very photogenic ;)
Amanda's dog Taffy
Blaine, eating of course. Love ya Bro!
Cliff playing guitar, he was singing too but those pics made him look funny. He's really good too.
Corey outside, I think you can see a small glimpse of Jamie there too. Kristen took this shot from inside the house.'s not the greatest photo of him but for some reason I love it.
And that's all.....til next year's bbq :)
Tomorrow....our announcement!!

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