Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Recipe - Tunacakes

It's been quite a while since I posted a recipe.
Kristen was away last weekend meaning I was able to make something that I LOVE and something that he's not a huge fan of.
It's basically a Kraft Canada recipe that I tweaked to my liking.
Here's the jest of it....
Take a box of Stove Top (or any brand of boxed stuffing)
Add two cans of flaked tuna in water (water & tuna)
Then add some "sauce" I added a couple teaspoons of tarter sauce and about 4 teaspoons for miracle whip (mayo if you're not a fan of miracle whip)
After this step you should add some chopped green peppers and onions but I was lazy and not feeling very nutritious the day I made this.....

Mix well and form into "fishcakes"

Add to a pre-heated pan of olive oil


And serve :)

You can have them alone or with a side of mashed potatoes (this is actually quite good) or whatever you prefer. On this day I had 'just' the tunacakes....good source of protein and a great way to get tuna into your diet if you're not a big fan of it. of my FAVOURITE things :)

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