Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Resort - Grand Oasis Marien

I'm not really sure how to organize my photo's so I'm just going to wing it....
Today I'll begin with the resort since that's probably the most "boring" part of my photos (if you click on the title of this post it'll bring you to their website)
After walking through the lobby you walk out onto the resort and see this fountain. Much prettier at night....those photos tomorrow.

In the distance in the above picture you can see the pool bar & on top the Italian a la carte.
This is it up close. The Italian a la carte was very good. But for that matter all the food at the resort was good.
Sitting from the same position....you have just seen the pool bar to the left. To my right, this shot get's taken. The loungers and another side of the resort. If you went back a bit more right you'd see the lobby again.
This is the beach up from the resort. About a 10min walk. It's grass that you see on the beach that washes in from the ocean. The workers at our resort made sure this was cleaned up quite frequently.
View from our room. We were originally placed next to the construction but our Air Transat rep said "none of that" they hold a major contract and had us moved in a couple of hours no questions asked.

Stairwell going up to our room. Tried to get Kristen but he was running thus the "blurred" Kristen :)
The entertainers dancing at the disco
Another disco shot :)

More photos tomorrow :)

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