Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I am back in the country, a bit of a tan (it's that or lobster red), well rested and back to work.
No pictures uploaded yet but hopefully next week I'll start posting photos with explanations, that gives me this weekend to get all caught up and organized.
There's definitely pro's and con's to the Dominican Republic which you'll get no matter where you travel because of our human nature we can't help but "compare" to home, to other places we travelled, etc. We had a great time and I'll try to sum our trip based on categories.
Resort: Amazing....absolutely beautiful with a huge pool. Kristen & I are not "pool" people when we travel down south but this one was worth taking a dip in
Beach: Not as nice as Cuba but we knew this before we went. Still nice and nothing better than relaxing while listening to the ocean.
Snorkelling: Not good, HUGE disappointed for Kristen on this trip. There's coral off from the resort but you're not allowed to swim there. You could go up the beach and pay someone to take you there, I think they're just exploiting the tourists to grab a buck wherever they can for this situation.
Food: Delicious....I think I gained weight
People: Friendly overall, staff at resort very professional
Air Transat/Nolitours: Who we booked our trip through we're GREAT. Air Transat included our exit fee in our price meaning we had an extra $50 to spend while there and also changed our room with no questions asked when we were put by the construction. Said Air transat holds a major contract with the resort where we stayed so everything was taken care of.
Country/scenery: BEAUTIFUL! Everything was lush and green, with bright blue skies. Loved that there were hills and not all flat. Must say I prefer the scenery in Dominican over Cuba.
Souvenirs: Expensive....all US funds and they're going to charge whatever they want in hopes some sucker of a tourist will over pay. I spent less money on souvenirs this trip than any before. Not sure if they realize if they lowered the prices we'd spend more $$ hmmm...?
And that's the jest of it......might not go back to Puerto Plata again but would like to go to the other side to Punta Cana to see what that side is like (I hear the beaches are white there like Cuba) So we'll see where our next travel adventure takes us.

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