Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kristen's Photography

In trying to keep in theme with yesterday I'll post some of Kristen's pictures that he took of me while on vacation. These are obviously my own personal favourites. He likes some of me where I'm cracking up laughing but I don't because (a) I have major laugh lines (b) most of them I'm not wearing make up (and that's a whole other issue for another post another day....LOL) and (c) we just have a difference in taste sometimes.
For example....this make up and laughing. Thus changing it to black and white and putting the focus on my juice :)
This one I LOVE the palm trees, not really loving my arms, BUT today I will not be critcizing myself.

Love the lighting on this one
I call this the trip is almost over and soon time to go home. These were all taken on our last day there.
And last but certainly not fav of all, which you might have noticed is also my current profile picture. He just did this random angle and it totally worked. So much so, that I took the same shot of him (not quite as good) I'll post my shots of him tomorrow.

Happy Thursday!'s Thursday already?!!?!?

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