Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Quiet Snow

Today we are expecting 10-15cm of snow to go on top of the 30cm we got last week. Not to mention all the other snow we had before that. It's not that I don't like snow, in fact I love snow...shh...don't tell cause most people get angry when they find that out. But I must admit I hate driving in the snow...back home in Nfld I didn't, for a few reasons, we had studded tires (which are illegal here) and you didn't have the same kind of traffic, or the city drivers that are quite truthfully.....morons. They lack something as simple as "common sense" anyway...that's a whole other post.
So today we're getting hit again....this winter seems more like a Nfld winter. We didn't even have a green Christmas this past year ...yay :)
Right now there are HUGE, fluffy, quietly falling flakes...these are my favourite. I get such a sense of "peace" from these snowfalls...I remember as a little girl lying on top of the hill in my parents front yard. It would be after supper and dark, and when there would be a snowfall like this, I would lie there feeling like the stars were falling on me. I loved that feeling along with the silence, so quiet sometimes, that it would make your ears ring.
I'm so grateful that I have childhood memories like that. I love that I live in the country that hopefully my future children will have similar memories. Today's challenge is, in the hustle and bustle of life, the hectic snowy drives, and the "yet again" shovelling of the driveway that you take a moment, look around and listen, try to enjoy the "quiet snow"

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