Friday, February 29, 2008

Bunny Update

We haven't seen too much of the bunnies lately. But every now & again there they are and I try to catch a shot or two. There's even a new one now too...a pretty caramel brown coloured one. I only saw her the one morning but I immediately had a soft spot for her cause she looked just like the pet rabbit I had as a little girl.
The funny thing is, about the bunny as a little girl, we used to keep them in a pen outside. Mine was caramel brown, my brother's was black. They had BABIES! Which when first born looked like rats with long ears. Eventually they we're all given away or ran away (they managed to dig really good holes and break out) til one day the caramel one couldn't be found :(
I always thought she just ran away and we didn't catch her in time.
A few years ago, Dad finally admitted to me that she had died and they only "told" me she ran away to spare me the grief. Can you believe that? It's like on the movies when they say the dog ran away instead of telling the child it had to be put down. I was that child!! I was shocked at first but I did see the humour in it all. Oh well...I guess no harm done....I think!?!?!?
Happy Friday & Have a great weekend!