Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Memory Quilt

I was introduced to something new's called a "Memory Quilt"

My friend Daphne makes them. And it's my new love! I'm so impressed with them that I immediately wanted to order one as a gift for everyone on my Christmas list. My personal favourite is the wedding quilt that also includes the actual wedding inviation. Nice touch!

Not sure if it's the photographer in me or the scrapbooker in me that causes me to love these so much. Maybe it's because my mom is a quilter and I can appreciate the long hours that go into them. Or maybe it's the soft-hearted emotional basketcase that I am, that anything sentimental makes me want to burst into tears. Regardless of the "why" I wanted to post some photos of them. And she does take orders....hint hint :) The girl sure has

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Daphne Hughes said...

Awwwww....thanks :) Your so awesome!