Saturday, October 13, 2007

Night Out....

....with the girls. And it's not what you would think...some automatically think a night out with the girls is going to the bar to get sloshed. Sorry can't say that was "my" night out.
First we went to Kelsey's for drinks...

...Vicki and I had Cranberry "juice"
Myrna had "Ginger Ale"Then off we headed to Second Cup for YUMMY hot chocolate...don't forget the whipped cream
Vicki enjoying her hot chocolate
Told ya I love whipped cream....LOL
I had such a great time...not because we partied - oh so hard - but because it was just good conversation, lots of giggles, and that common bond with these two girlfriends. We're from the same town, we grew up together, we just have those things that nobody else "get's" or can relate too or laugh about....liked the "stunned moose"....sorry just had to throw in that inside joke :)
Don't know if you have regular "girl time" but I strongly recommend it! Best therapy and Soul food anyone could ever have.

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