Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I apologize for abandoning my blog as of late....lots of excuses....but simply put, a lot going on. Yet they are all things to be thankful for:

Work wise, I've started a new position, which I'm really excited about...But also means I'm crazy busy. So we'll see how things go.
Home, busy with the same 'ol chores, I've been taking a "few" pictures...not a lot. Also volleyball is to start next week so I've been getting things ready for that. And Kristen's hockey has already started so I've been going to most of his games.
There's also some big news about Myrna but I won't share, I'll let her do it on her blog first. It's really happy news but sad news for me :( I'm so happy for her & Jamie and Sarah though, it's a HUGE step in their lives.
Today I'm cooking thanksgiving dinner but no turkey, just doing a chicken instead since it's only going to be 4.5 of us :)....Kristen, myself, Blaine (bro), Steph and Tristan (he's the Half....LOL)
A few minutes ago Kristen called out to me, to tell me there were LOTS of geese in the park across the street from our house....see below:

Anyway....just want to say Happy Thanksgiving.

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Stephanie said...

I`ve been a really, really bad blogger too. (I have a good guess about Myrnas surprise but I`ll wait for it on her blog too)