Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Weekend in Review


We went to the drive in to watch Shrek the 3rd and Transformers. Well...actually just Transformers but that's the movie that was playing on the screen before it so we watched both. I fell asleep through part of Shrek, it was cute but not as good as the first two. As for Transformers, I was impressed, for those of you who were childhood fans I think you'll appreciate it more than the youngin's who never heard of it.

I love the old fashioned snack bar commercials :)


Went grocery shopping, and got a flat tire :( Here's Kristen putting on the dummy....

There's a story behind that though....he couldn't get the flat tire off, and some guy saw us at the lights, turned around and came in just to help Kristen. To find out, he's a good 'ol Newfie boy from the St. John's area and has been up here for 11 years but wishes he could go home...what a typical story...like us all. I just couldn't believe that here we are in Ontario, kind of out in the country (Georgetown) and it takes a NEWFIE to be a good samaritan....I shouldn't be shocked and yet I am....still amazes me how good people the newfies really are...were a good bunch if I do say so myself.

Then off to Queen's tire to have the valve replaced, phew...thank goodness it wasn't more serious.

Then we hung out at Jason's house for a bit, then off to Myrna's & Jamie's to watch UFC where I fell asleep on her floor...sorry Myrna, I was just so tired :(

Made a late lunch for a few of the friends.....we tried out a new gadget called the turkey cannon. It looks like a probe or novelty item of sorts....but it cooked the turkey on the bbq in 2 hours! And it was delicious....its basically the same as beer can chicken but for turkeys.

And the finished product, we remember to take pics after Kristen had carved it up. Sorry....but it was so darn good :)

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Myrna Hynes said...

yeah that turkey cooker thingy was quite intimidating...lmao!!
But the turkey and all the fixins...YUM!!! Thanks!