Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Family Picnic

I think I'm finally caught up on all the pics from the last little while....
These are from the Bishop Family Picnic at Aunt Bernice's trailer on the Canada Day long weekend.
Auntie Bernice (left) & Auntie Georgina (right)
Kristen & Blaine
Nicki, the newest addition to the Sheppard Clan
Cousin Danny...who's NOT camera shy :)
The bro & Moi
Samantha & Jacob
Samantha in her camp or "fort"
The sign for her camp... "Camp Sheppard"
Danny's friends, and some extended family members

1 comment:

Daphne Hughes said...

Wow, your cousins have certainly grown up. I can remember when Danny was born and now look at him. Holy Poop. lol.