Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Musings

Weekend in Review...I have pictures to post will do that tomorrow

Finally washed my car, I swear the salt build up was ridiculous, I'm surprised my car hasn't completely rusted out yet. Was a 10 minute wait at the car wash but well worth it.
Went to Kristen's hockey game, great game and they won! Can't remember the score but it was close.

Went to Home Depot, bought some paint to start the main floor of the house. Paint chip is called "Tate Olive" yes, that's green! Painted one wall.
Went to visit Myrna & Jamie, got to hold Baby Sarah for the first time, she's just so dang cute. She had hic-cups at the time, poor thing, I wanted to make them go away but nothing I could do.
Watched Open Water 2: Adrift (liked much better than the first one and for Grey's Anatomy fans, McSteamy is one of the main characters) and Hollywoodland with Ben Affleck, it was okay but kind of long and not very exciting.

Went to Kristen's other hockey game, they lost... :(
Made stew for dinner, finally did my house cleaning (Saturday was a complete write off), painted a second wall, and talk to Jen, I've been really missing her this weekend.

For you Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy fans, this weeks episodes are new. NO re-runs! Yay!

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