Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Home Brew

As promised....pictures...yay! :)
Kristen has decided to attempt making beer ...again. The first two times, no, it just didn't turn out...looked more like molasses, I'm told it didn't taste very good either. The 3rd time, it worked :) Tasted similar to Corona.
So this batch we're hoping turns out as well...once again it's a Mexican Lager which should be similar to Corona like last time. In these pictures he's taking it from the first fermentation stage, into the carboy for the secondary fermentation stage, after this he'll bottle it and then it has to set for a couple of weeks (I think) then ....bottoms up!

Then we're going to attemp a batch of white wine, green apple to be exact. We made strawberry zinfadel around 4 years ago and that turned out great! Can't wait since I really don't like beer. And it'll be nice to have some on hand for company. I haven't entertained in a while...might have to do that soon.


Stephanie said...

I`ve had the green apple wine-it`s nice and crisp. Cory has made home-brew a few times-once a full dozen exploded in the closet and I thought a bomb went off.

myrna_weblog said...

lol...laughing at Steph's exploding beer comment.
Hope this batch turns out tho' I doubt I'll be trying it...I'll leave that to Jamie :)