Friday, January 5, 2007


I've been thinking about this a lot this week, what are my resolutions & goals for 2007? Most years 3 or 4 things immediately pop into my head...yet this year I'm struggling it, feels like I have all the same goals this year as I did last year...or very similar. Seems it's always the same things that I'm trying to acheive, which either means I'm a perfectionist and never satisfied OR I'm just not acheiving my goals in the previous year and starting all over again....

Last years goals were to get a trip down south (check...went to Cuba) and to be a better person (somewhat check....stop taking a medication that use to make me wacko...though I still do have moments just not as extreme...remember I'm still working on that) So much has happened in 2006, another couple of friends were married, another couple of friends either had babies or made One of my closest friends moved away, I had one whole year in our first home (lots of new & exciting challenges come along with that) and I've seen relationships thrive and much to learn on both accounts...such an emotional roller coaster sometimes.

Either way...I've come up with these goals for this year:
*Drink green tea on a daily basis, only have coffee on Fridays & weekends
*Try to be more active...I have this one every year and overall I end up doing the same things, however this year a co-worker and I are going to start walking the stairs in our building on Fridays (it's a 12 storey building, down and up!) Today is the first day....eek!
*Another trip down south....Kristen won money in Nov and put money aside for this already
*Go Home...haven't been to Nfld since August 2005 :( Miss my family
*Read the following books....A Million Little Pieces, My Friend Leonard, Memoirs of a Geisha, Angels & Demons (I already have this book to read) and The Devil Wears Prada (want to read before I see the movie)
*Paint my main floor! I really wanted this done before Christmas...

Looks like I had more goals then I thought :) What goals do you have?


Stephanie said...

I don`t usually make resolutions but this year I made two:
-to get our home ready for a healthy and happy baby
-to stop swearing before the baby comes (working in retail makes me do it!)

myrna_weblog said...

I always make the "Lose weight, eat healthy, and exercise" resolution and this year I believe I'll need it more than ever after the baby arrives.
Otherwise, I've decided I really need to practice becoming a better photographer with my new lens so I can have lots of nice pics of wee bebe.