Friday, January 19, 2007

Mosquito Trap

Lentek MK12 Guardian Mosquito Trap

Like many other mosquito traps, the Lentek MK12 Guardian Mosquito Trap (this model released in 2006) utilizes the documented attractiveness of CO2, moisture, warmth, airflow, and octenol to attract, capture and kill mosquitoes and other blood-seeking flying insects.

How it works
All warm-blooded mamals, including humans, exhale carbon dioxide (CO2) as they breath. To mimic the breath of a human, The Lentek MK12 Guardian mosquito trap converts propane to CO2, through the use of proprietary ceramic catalyst. The CO2 is released into the air in a plume that sends a scent trail inviting mosquitoes inhabiting your back yard or outdoor living space to the trap. Scientists consider carbon dioxide as the single most important cue used by mosquitoes for locating a source of blood (female mosquitoes can detect a host to feed on at a distance of 20 - 40 yards!).

Ordering a Lentek Mosquito TrapOur everyday low price: US$289.95 / CDN$329.95

So with all that being said, Kristen purchased one of these yesterday and NO he did not pay $329.95 CDN plus fact he paid $40 plus tax.

I was at the Superstore earlier this week with the intentions of buying shoes, when I got there all the shoes that I liked were sold out. But there were a lot of sales so I bought a some clothes (remember Theraputic Shopping from my last post). When I got home I told Kristen he should go the next day since all items were final sale so I couldn't pick anything out for him in case the sizes were wrong or in case he simply didn't like what I picked out.

Yesterday after work he went, but the men's clothes were already all gone (I didn't notice that when I was there) however he did notice some of the bedroom accessories were on clearance and decided to take a look to see if he could get anything for our bedroom set. When he noticed the Mosquito price tag, he scanned it and it said "See a Sales Associate" so he finds a guy who says, I don't know how much it is let me find my manager. The manager comes by and says I don't know how much, about $40 and Kristen's like...okay!! So he did!

Isn't that just NUTS?!?!? Very excited though, guess we'll see this summer if it really works.


Janis & Rodney said...

Your blogs are truly the best, and what great luck he seems to always have...LOL

myrna_weblog said...

Jamie said, "Boy ya knows they don't have horseshoes up their ass" LMAO!!
Great buy!! If it's a bad summer for mosquitoes, I'm inviting myself over, ok?